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Cargo nets on small passenger service vehicles

Please be aware of a change in the guidelines relating to the acceptability of stretch cargo nets in small passenger service vehicles.

Provided there is a means of securing cargo it is an operator responsibility to ensure that the method is suitable for the cargo that is being carried.  We will provide further guidance using the VIRM update process that is currently under consultation however I am aware that there has been an increase in the volume of small passenger service vehicles being presented for certificate of fitness inspections as a result of the recent changes to small passenger services.

Land Transport Rule: Passenger Service Vehicles 1999 (Rule 31001)

6.8 Baggage, freight and pushchairs

(1) A passenger service vehicle and its fittings must be designed, constructed and maintained so that baggage and freight can be safely secured or contained to protect  its occupants, pedestrians and other road users from its possible movement.

(2) With a light passenger services vehicle equipped with facilities capable of securing cargo such as ... a means of safely securing items of cargo likely to be carried

A stretch cargo net of reasonable quality would be sufficient to meet the above requirement of safely securing items of cargo likely to be carried in a small passenger services vehicle. As such a vehicle equipped with serviceable tie down points and a cargo net in good order (stretch or fixed) would satisfy the requirements for a certificate of fitness (CoF).