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In-service VIRM amendment 1 November 2014 now live (affects both WoF and CoF)

This amendment is now live.

Below is a summary of the noteworthy changes:

WoF/CoF system related changes

  • Significant changes to the site and vehicle inspector requirements
  • References to the notice of appointment, code of conduct and quality management system (QMS)
  • Added definitions
  • Removal of references to TSD agents
  • Removal of old single-year WoF label
  • Addition of new multi-year CoF label
  • Importance of determining the correct inspection frequency
  • No regulated fee for duplicate labels.

Omnibus rule related changes

  • Added agricultural trailer uses that do not require WoF or CoF (Intro 3-3).
  • Removal of light PSV roof rack requirements with consequential changes to some other sections (external projections, structure, light PSV stability). Heavy PSV roof rack requirements remain and are clarified. (CoF only)
  • Heavy vehicles/trailers: Permitted 5th wheel standards updated and new ones added. (CoF only)
  • Technical bulletin (CoF) 5 Taximeter compliance amended to deal with taximeters that cannot be sealed. Test strip now mandatory, rolling road optional. (CoF only).

Other technical changes

  • Seatbelts: clarified that remaining seatbelt parts are not required to be inspected for positions where there is no seat fitted.
  • Brakes: added new reasons for rejection if parking brake is unusually difficult to apply or release, and if brake master cylinder reservoir fluid level is below the minimum indicator where visible externally.
  • Steering/suspension: added reason for rejection for air suspension bellows damage; added reason for rejection for vehicle not self-centring (copied from 10-2 Hubs and axles); added definitions for steering and suspension; clarified that ride height is measured when the vehicle is unladen.
  • Light trailer tow connections: amended RfR to cover pins for removable tongues.
  • Load anchorages: clarified requirements for J-hooks used for demountable body assemblies (refer also to new Technical bulletin (CoF) 6) (CoF only)
  • PSV doors and doorways: clarified requirements for PSV driver’s view of door (refer also to related changes of Technical bulletin (CoF) 5 PSV power-operated door testing) (CoF only).