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Online PRS manuals

The new web-based PRS manuals are now online. These manuals have the exact same content and are structured along the same lines as your printed manual with the same sections and section numbering, and scores and requirements.

For existing vehicle inspectors nothing has changed at all – you can still use your printed manual just as you do now. In the future the PRS manuals will be online only. But this won’t happen until there is an amendment, and you will be given a long notification period when this does eventually come about.

Newly appointed vehicle inspectors will be required to use the online version however as printed manuals are no longer going to be provided. Master records will still need to be kept in a folder though – and it is the vehicle inspectors’ responsibility to keep this in order.

If you have any questions, please email or click the feedback button.

You can take a look at the PRS manuals by clicking the links below: