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Repair VIRM amendment 10 April now live

Due to an increased number of hail damaged vehicles being imported into New Zealand, the repair VIRM will be amended to clarify the how specialist repair certifiers should treat hail damaged vehicles and bring these vehicles up to New Zealand legal standard. These clarifications have also been extended to certain other written-off damaged vehicles, such as those that have been stolen and recovered or maliciously damaged.

This amendment also clarifies that an LT307 cannot be used for any written-off vehicles and to allow the border check damage flag to be removed if the specialist repair certifier is satisfied that the safety systems of the vehicle haven’t been affected and the damage is purely cosmetic.

To view the changes visit the List of changes page, or to view the changes in one document, download the List of changes and preview pages.

The changes come into force on Monday 10 April 2017.