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Trailpro TP5 and TP8 trailer recall - VIRM amendment

The NZ Transport Agency was recently made aware of a safety risk with the Trailpro brand of light trailers, which were sold through Bunnings between 1 January 2006 and 12 October 2018. Bunnings has now released a product safety recall.

The safety risk is related to the trailer’s drawbar which may break at the front where it bolts to the trailer’s chassis. Due to the safety risk if the drawbar were to break, Bunnings has issued a product safety recall.

If a vehicle inspector is presented with an unrepaired Trailpro 8x4 Tradesman (model number TP5) or a Trailpro 8x5 Tandem (model number TP8), with a bolt-through drawbar attachment, they should fail the trailer for its warrant of fitness.

Note: Other Trailpro models are not part of the safety recall and are subject to the usual requirements for in-service certification.

The in-service VIRM has been amended with new reasons for rejection and advice on identifying Trailpro TP5 and TP8 trailers. The change is now live.

Affected VIRM pages

The NZ Transport Agency recommends owners of these trailers contact the Bunnings customer service centre team directly on 0800 561 109. For further information, owners of these trailers can also be directed to the product safety recall notice from Bunnings on their website ( or to the Transport Agency website (

Bunnings is developing options for repair or refund and we will update our online information once that is in place.