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WoF vouchers to be discontinued

The NZ Transport Agency will no longer be issuing WoF recheck vouchers for customers of suspended vehicle inspectors and inspecting organisations.

This move heralds the entry into a new phase for the Transport Agency.

General Manager for Regulatory, Kane Patena, says that over the past 10 months, the NZ Transport Agency has taken decisive action to improve its regulatory function, identify any service providers who are failing in their duty, and notify the public about any safety risks.

“In some cases, we chose to contribute to the cost of rectification, even though we weren’t legally liable – such as paying for WoF rechecks. However, now that the backlog has been cleared and we’re moving towards a best-practice model, suspended service providers will be liable to their own customers if their work isn’t up to scratch,” he says.

“In saying that, we’ll be working to create an environment where everyone sees safety as their top priority and their responsibility. This means that we’ll be clearer about what we expect of you, and what you can expect from us – so we can all do our job better.”

While the Agency will no longer be paying for rechecks, vouchers that have been issued previously will still be valid until the expiry date stated on the customer’s letter.

Please process valid vouchers if a customer presents one to you.