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Vehicle inspectors

To allow the inspecting organisation(s) to ensure continuity of service provision, vehicle inspectors will not be appointed by the NZTA. The approved inspection organisations(s) will have permission to delegate employees as vehicle inspectors if they meet and maintain the minimum NZTA vehicle inspector requirements. It will be a responsibility of the inspection organisation to track, monitor, record, audit and train the vehicle inspectors.

The vehicle inspector must:

a) demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements in the VIRM: Border inspection of imported used vehicles, sufficient to inspect a vehicle at the border

b) have attended an approved two-day course in structural integrity and energy management, and achieve the required pass standard

c) be a fit and proper person (section 2.6 of the Rule). Refer to the NZTA’s fit and proper person guidelines for inspection organisations and vehicle inspectors

d) be physically capable of carrying out the border inspection process

e) be able to pass a basic eyesight test.