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7 Definitions and abbreviations


means the NZ Transport Agency


in relation to a motor vehicle, means the name given for market identification to a group or groups of motor vehicles by a company or organisation which owns that name.

New motor vehicle

means a motor vehicle, which is not a used motor vehicle.

Structural damage

Includes any of the following:

  • distortion or buckling of panels or pressings forming part of the unitary body construction, which causes misalignment from the original state.
  • corrosion of panels, pressings or welds in the unitary body structure which degrades the strength of the structure.
  • deformation in the crush zones; cracking in or adjacent to welds; misalignment of the suspension or damaged to the attachment points to the body structure.
  • cracking or deformation of cross members, sills or chassis rails.
  • misalignment, deformation, cracking or corrosion of a separate chassis frame.

Used motor vehicle

means a motor vehicle, which has been:

  • supplied to the consumer market and sold; or
  • used as a demonstration, test or courtesy vehicle by its manufacturer or importer; or
  • used for training or testing purposes; or
  • previously registered or licensed.