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5 Inspection premises and equipment

5.1 The inspector must carry out the border inspection in an inspection area that:

a) enables a safe and thorough inspection

b) is situated within a structure that has a roof and sides, and:

i. is of sufficient dimensions to enable the efficient and thorough inspection of any vehicle

ii. is on ground that is constructed of a material that will remain firm in all weather conditions

iii. is on ground that is even and level (the ground will be considered level when it can be demonstrated that a vehicle will remain stationary with all brakes released)

iv. is sufficiently clear of structural and equipment intrusions (other than those necessary for the inspection process) to enable the efficient and thorough inspection of any vehicle.

v. is provided with sufficient lighting to enable good visibility of the vehicle being inspected and the equipment used in the inspection process.

Note 1

The upper body and internal inspection can be carried out in an open area if the weather condition and natural light is good. When the weather is bad (rain and snow) and the natural lighting is poor the upper body and internal inspections must be carried out in the inspection area detailed in section 5.1 (above).

5.2 The inspection area must provide the following equipment for the inspector to use as required:

a) an inspection hoist, pit or ramp that enables the efficient and thorough close visual inspection of the complete vehicle underbody

b) an industrial-quality, hand-held inspection lamp (500 lux minimum)

c) a digital camera which is capable of taking photos that meet the following specifications:

  • 640 x 480 pixels in size
  • RGB, 24 bits per pixel
  • Minimum DPI of 72, maximum of 180.
5.3 Compliance with statutory requirements

It is the inspection organisation’s responsibility to ensure that the premises and equipment comply with: occupational safety and health requirements and any other relevant acts, regulations and local bylaws.

5.4 Other requirements and considerations

The computer equipment, and document storage must be located and operated from a location where the public does not have access when staff are not present.

Inspection area lighting should conform to New Zealand standard code of practice for interior lighting design (NZS 6703:1984), or subsequent amendments. The code of practice establishes performance requirements for specific workplace lighting.