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10 Inspection of motorcycles

When inspecting motorbikes the areas to inspect are:

The front forks, and their operation
  • This is done by pushing down on the front forks of the bike and watching the fork operation
  • Make sure the operation is smooth
  • Make sure there is no binding felt when doing this.
Steering head area for misalignment
  • Carry out a good inspection of this area, making sure the head angle is per factory and not bent, pushed back or fractured.
The motorbike frame
  • Look for previous repairs as well as existing damage
  • This is carried out by a good general inspection of the frame and factory welded joins and seams. You’re looking for stress markings in the weld or seam areas and or signs of previous repairs such as file marks miss matched paint or existing damage.
 Figure 10-1-1. VIN number location


VIN number is found on the steering head, stamped into the metal.


Figure 10-1-2. Plastic flarings


Modern motorbikes have a lot of plastic flarings covering the frame.

It is important that the inspector check behind these flaring’s for damage.


Figure 10-1-3. Stripped down bike frame



Figure 10-1-4. Check the frame


Check frame for damage