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44 Sample frontal impact exemption letter

Ref no: FO2/XXXXXX

File no: VU85/4


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Dear NAME,

Exemption of specific vehicles from compliance with approved frontal impact standard

Pursuant to section 166 of the Land Transport Act 1998, and being satisfied as to those matters specified in section 166(2) of that Act, I, NAME, Vehicle Compliance Specialist, acting under delegated authority, exempt the vehicle identified in schedule 1 ("the vehicle"), owned by the person specified in schedule 2 ("the owner") from clause 2.1(5) of the Land Transport Rule Frontal Impact 2001 subject to the conditions in schedule 2.

Schedule 1

Vehicle Details



Year: XXXX


Owned by: OWNER NAME

Schedule 2


(i) The vehicle must continue to be registered in the OWNER NAME.

(ii) The vehicle must have a current LVV/MotorSport authority card issued by
MotorSport New Zealand

(iii) The vehicle must be operated according to any conditions set by MotorSport New

(iv) The vehicle operator must continue to hold a valid MotorSport New Zealand
competition licence.

(v) The vehicle operator must only be operated during the period of an authorised MotorSport
New Zealand event or when being driven to or from a garage for routine maintenance. The period
of an authorised MotorSport New Zealand event shall cover travelling directly to the event,
competing in the event and returning directly from the event.

(vi) A copy of this exemption must be carried in the vehicle at all times.

(vii) This exemption ceases to be valid if any of the above conditions is breached.

Dated at Wellington this DATE




Vehicle Compliance Specialist


NZ Transport Agency