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3 Inspection and certification process

3-9 Collecting fees

Applicable legislation: Land Transport (Certification and Other Fees) Regulations 2014.

3.9.1 Application for inspection and certification of vehicles for in-service

The fee to be paid by an applicant for inspection and certification of a vehicle for in-service (WoF, CoF or permit) is the amount fixed by the inspecting organisation that is reasonable, having regard to:

a) the time spent in inspecting the vehicle to ascertain whether it complies with the relevant requirements, and

b) any fees payable to the NZTA, and

c) any standard or usual rate at which the inspecting organisation imposes charges for other work carried out in respect of motor vehicles.

Where a vehicle fails a WoF inspection, no additional fee is payable for any subsequent inspection by the same inspecting organisation for the purpose of the same certification, if such application is made within 28 days of the first inspection for the issue of the evidence of vehicle inspection. A fee is payable for an inspection if the vehicle is presented after the 28 days have lapsed.

  • For more information on rechecks and reinspections see 3-11 Rechecks.
3.9.2 Duplicate evidence of vehicle inspection

The inspecting organisation or vehicle inspector may charge a reasonable fee for providing a duplicate of an evidence of vehicle inspection.

When issuing a duplicate WoF or CoF label, the same requirements apply as for the original label as specified in section 3.8, that is, it must be attached by the vehicle inspector or delegated employee, and only one label may be attached to the vehicle at any time.

Page amended 1 June 2018 (see amendment details).