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9 General repairs

9-4 Component protection

Reasons for rejection

1. Weld-through primers have not been used during the repair.

2. A corrosion protection system has not been applied during a repair upgrade when weld-through primer was not originally used.

3. A seam or seams have not been sealed using a suitable sealant.

4. A surface has not been corrosion protected or the original protection has been degraded in the repair, making it ineffective.

5. Manufacturer’s corrosion protection instructions, or when these are not available, a recognised repair research organisation’s procedures have not been used.

Summary of legislation

Applicable legislation
Repair requirements

1. The repair method used to comply a vehicle must take into account:

a) the date of manufacture of the vehicle, and

b) the class, make and other relevant characteristics of the vehicle, and

c) the approved vehicle standards with which the vehicle is required to comply, and

d) any relevant manufacturer’s recommendations and alternative methods, and

e) the material specifications used for the construction of the vehicle, its structure, systems, components or equipment, and

f) the compatibility of the intended repair process with material specifications.