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3 Inspection and certification process

3-11 Repairer register

A repair certifier must create and maintain a repairer register of all repairers of vehicles inspected and certified by that repair certifier. The register must include all types of repairer including any person to whom a task is delegated, approved technicians, wheel alignment and auto-electrical services.

The register must contain a profile, including:

  • Company name and address
  • Details of facilities at its premises
  • Details of specialist equipment
  • Manufacturer approval(s)
  • Trade association membership(s)
  • Relevant qualifications of employees who carry out repairs
  • Evidence of compliance with relevant trade or safety standards
  • Evidence of technical expertise for any delegated tasks
  • Details of delegated tasks (if any)

The repair certifier should refer to Technical bulletin 8: Repairer categories, capabilities and requirements for guidance on repairer, repair technician, premises, and equipment requirements.

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