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8 Vehicle measurement

8-1 Three-dimensional chassis measurement

Reasons for rejection

1. A three-dimensional chassis measurement has not been completed when:

a) more than one panel requires repairs and/or replacement, or

b) a chassis rail has been damaged or displaced, or

c) where there is corrosion damage and the vehicle structure has deformed or collapsed.

2. A trammel bar measurement (or three-dimensional chassis measurement) has not been completed when:

a) only one panel requires repairs and/or replacement, or

b) there is no damage or displacement of a chassis rail or structural body section.

3. A trammel bar measurement has been completed and a four-wheel alignment has not been completed.

4. When a trammel bar has been used, the four-wheel alignment measurements cannot be brought within the manufacturer’s specifications.

5. The actual measurements have not been recorded.

6. Where no measurement tolerances are available, the chassis measurement exceeds a measurement tolerance of +/- 3mm for a unibody or +/- 5mm for a body-over-frame vehicle.

7. The measurements of the vehicle are not within the vehicle manufacturer’s or measurement sheet’s specified measurement tolerances (Note 2).

8. An incorrect measurement sheet for the vehicle has been used (eg make, model, mechanical components
in or out).

9. The vehicle has not been measured by the repair inspector or by a technician recognised as competent by the repair certifier.

10. The measurements have not been signed off by the repair inspector or by a technician recognised as competent by the repair certifier.

11. The measurement system used is not currently calibrated.

12. Inadequate measurements have been taken to determine whether the vehicle is within specification.

Note 1

It is recommended that vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2004 be measured using an electronic measuring system.

Note 2

No chassis measurement is required when the only repairs are for corrosion damage and the damaged area or components shows no sign of deformation or collapse of the structure.

Note 3

The vehicle does not have to be returned to within the original specifications if it can be shown that there are no adverse effects to the structure, components or equipment. This must be noted on the LT308 with an explanation. However, there is no requirement for the TSD agent to accept these comments and they do not have to accept the LT308.

Note 4

The measurement sheet must be retained by the repair certifier with the vehicle file.

Summary of legislation

Applicable legislation