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Interim amendment: heavy vehicle modifications (CoF only)

This interim amendment (formerly called technical notes) is a small change to the VIRM: In-service certification Heavy vehicle 3-1 Structure and Heavy trailer 3-1 Structure sections.

This change is to remove the requirement for the vehicle inspector to make sure that a heavy vehicle modification (if carried out before 1 April 2005) is ‘clearly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions’, and to instead make sure that the modification does not impose a clear safety risk.

This change has been made to simplify the process for vehicle inspectors.

Additionally, we are also advising that imported Japanese-market vehicles with tipper bodies and tail lifts that are mounted on to a sub-frame do not require HVS certification, provided they were registered in Japan with that configuration.

This change is effective from 1 March 2018 and will be incorporated into the 1 May 2018 VIRM amendment.

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