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1 Introduction

8 Appointments

The candidate must:

a) have held a Transport Agency-approved in-service inspector authority appropriate to the class of vehicles they will inspect for a minimum of six months (Note 1), and

b) if you have been out of the trade for more one year and less than five years before applying, you must provide evidence of any training carried out within the last six months to bring your skills up to date with the current entry level requirements, and

c) demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of applicable statutory provisions and vehicle standards relating to entry certification sufficient to inspect a vehicle in accordance with this manual, and

d) have sound knowledge of common vehicles and their components and systems sufficient to inspect them in accordance with this manual and the VIRM: In-service certification, and

e) be a fit and proper person (section 2.6 of the Rule); the criteria considered with any application include:

i. criminal history

ii. transport-related offences

iii. relevant complaints

iv. the public interest such as relevant warnings, penalties and disciplinary actions imposed, and

f) have a current driver licence for the class(es) of vehicles they will inspect (Note 2).

Applications must be made to:

Licensing Assessments - Vehicle Inspectors
NZ Transport Agency
Private Bag 11 777
Palmerston North 4442

Phone 0800 587 287

Note 1

Inspectors operating in a high volume inspection environment who can demonstrate sufficient experience can apply to be a light vehicle used entry certifier and seek waiver of the six month period. This would be on the proviso that the inspector has met all the other requirements (ie the structural course and theory and practical tests.)

Note 2

Vehicle inspectors with a learner motorcycle licence can only inspect and certify motorcycles that are LAMS approved. The approved list of LAMS motorcycles can be found at the Transport Agency website.