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4 Technical bulletins

6 Auxiliary bars

Vehicle inspection requirements manual references

This bulletin gives guidance to vehicle inspectors in applying the following requirements in the VIRM: Entry certification:


This bulletin applies to class MA, MB or MC vehicles fitted with auxiliary bars (eg bullbars) undergoing entry certification in New Zealand. Auxiliary bars fitted to any class of vehicle may affect compliance with requirements for external projections and/or frontal impact systems.

Safety concern

Fitting auxiliary bars to vehicles with frontal impact protection systems may have a negative effect on the performance of frontal impact protection features, such as airbags or crush-zones.


If auxiliary bars are fitted to any vehicle, the risk of injury to others must be minimised. This means that the vehicle must comply with the requirements for condition, performance and modification set out in the VIRM: In-service certification, section 2-1.

A vehicle inspector may refuse to certify a vehicle that is fitted with an auxiliary bar if he/she believes that it is likely to cause injury or affect the driver’s control of the vehicle.

Auxiliary bars fitted to Mitsubishi RVRs

NZ Transport Agency has been advised by Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand that the following Mitsubishi RVR models were factory-fitted with auxiliary bullbars:

  • N11W
  • N21W
  • N28W
  • N13W
  • N23W
  • N28WG

If a vehicle inspector is presented with a vehicle from one of these model ranges fitted with an original equipment (OE) bullbar, the vehicle may be passed.

The following Mitsubishi RVR models were not factory-fitted with bullbars:

  • N61W
  • N71WG
  • N74WG
  • N64WG
  • N73WG

If a vehicle inspector is presented with a vehicle from one of these model ranges fitted with a bullbar, confirmation that the bullbar will not affect the vehicle’s frontal impact compliance is required. If it cannot be supplied, the vehicle cannot pass the inspection until the bullbar has been removed.

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