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4 Technical bulletins

47 Vehicles fitted with ITS Connect

The ITS Connect system fitted to some vehicles that originated in Japan operates by broadcasting a signal on the 760MHz frequency. This frequency is not compatible with the licensing framework in New Zealand, under the Radio Communications Act 1989 it is illegal to import or operate a device that operates on this frequency.

The purpose of this technical bulletin is to define the entry certification process for vehicles that have been identified as being fitted with ITS Connect.


From 1 April 2021 entry certifiers will be required to check if vehicles they are inspecting are damage flagged with notes recorded stating ‘ITS Connect Fitted’. Vehicles that are flagged only for ‘ITS Connect Fitted’ and/or ‘Open Airbag Recall’ and have no other damage recorded do not require repair certification. If ‘Open Airbag Recall’ is noted please see Technical bulletin 43: Takata airbag recall

If a vehicle’s records show ‘ITS Connect Fitted’ then these vehicles are to be rejected for entry certification until such time as evidence is provided that the ITS Connect system has been disabled. Appropriate evidence of the system being disabled would be in the form of an invoice from a Toyota Japan dealer. This evidence should be provided by the border inspector and available on BIS. If that evidence is provided, then the entry certifier can begin the rest of the entry certification compliance process as per usual procedures.

If evidence is not available on BIS the border inspection agent may be able to provide evidence. If evidence of the system being removed is not available, the vehicle owner will need to have the ITS Connect system disabled by Toyota New Zealand. An invoice from a Toyota franchise is suitable evidence the system has been disabled.

Page added 1 April 2021 (see amendment details).