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4 Technical bulletins

3 Vehicles modified to change vehicle class

Vehicle inspection requirements manual references

This bulletin gives guidance to vehicle inspectors in determining vehicle class as defined in the VIRM: Entry certification:


This bulletin applies to vehicles undergoing entry certification in New Zealand that have been modified in such a way that the class of vehicle may have changed from when it was manufactured.

Step one

The vehicle inspector must determine the original class of the vehicle, as it was manufactured.

Step two

The vehicle inspector must determine whether or not the vehicle complied with legal requirements for entering service in New Zealand, in its original condition (as manufactured).

If the vehicle did not comply with New Zealand legal requirements when it was manufactured, it cannot be certified for entry into New Zealand as another vehicle class.

  • For example, an MA class vehicle that did not comply with a frontal impact standard could not be certified as an NA class vehicle.
Step three

If the vehicle complied with New Zealand legal requirements in its original condition, the vehicle inspector must determine whether or not the modified vehicle complies with legal requirements for vehicles operating in-service in New Zealand.

If a vehicle has modifications that exceed the low volume vehicle (LVV) or heavy vehicle thresholds, it must undergo LVV or HVS certification according to its new class, or be re-configured back to manufacturer’s specifications.

Step four

The vehicle should be recorded in LANDATA as its original new class. A note must be added to the vehicle record, stating that vehicle modifications have resulted in a change of class (and identify the previous class).

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