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3 Inspection and certification process

3-7 Recording the inspection outcome (‘determination’)

Applicable legislation: Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002, section 7.6

1. The inspection outcome is recorded in either the WoF Online system or the LATIS system.

2. The inspection details must be entered into the system before the vehicle leaves the inspecting organisation’s premises. This ensures that:

a) the vehicle can be relicensed by the vehicle owner

b) the correct inspection frequency can be ascertained

c) any restrictions placed on the vehicle are identified before issuing a WoF or CoF, such as a ban flag or a pink or green sticker.

3. Inspection details entered into the system must be accurate at the time the vehicle was inspected. This includes updating the odometer and hubodometer readings when a vehicle is re-presented for inspection.

4. For vehicles required to operate under a TSL, vehicle inspectors must also collect and record in the system the TSL number for both passed and failed inspections, and when issuing temporary permits.

3.7.1 WoF Online

1. The inspection details must be entered into the WoF Online system on the day of inspection in either:

a) express mode,

b) pass re-check mode (use this where a vehicle is failed, repaired then passes a WoF inspection without leaving the inspecting organisation site. This mode will record a fail and a pass in one transaction), or

c) normal mode.

  • Note Inspecting organisations must have the NZTA flow charts that show how to use the WoF Online system (express mode and recheck mode are mandatory; normal mode is optional).

2. Where the inspecting organisation wishes to issue WoFs but is unable to obtain the necessary authorisation numbers from the WoF Online system, several options are available:

a) The NZTA computer system is not working: the vehicle inspector or inspecting organisation must use the checksheet number as the system authorisation number. The OFF-LINE box on the reverse side of the WoF label must be ticked.

b) The inspecting organisation’s computer terminal is not working: the inspecting organisation must contact TRC Agent Help Desk (0800 804 580) who may grant permission for the inspecting organisation to continue to issue off-line WoFs.

c) The WoF Online system goes down during WoF entry: the vehicle inspector needs to ask the customer if they intend to relicense the vehicle in the next 24 hours. If NO, the WoF details should be keyed in as soon as possible. If YES, the vehicle inspector must fax or email a copy of the checksheet directly to the Transport Agency (fax 06 953 6406, email with a covering note of explanation. When the system is working again they must check to see if the WoF information is in the system. If not, the vehicle inspector must key the WoF in themselves to minimise any inconvenience to the customer. If it is, they must make a record of the system authorisation number, to cross reference on their copy of the checksheet.

3. To check whether or not a vehicle has a current WoF, select ‘View WoF result’ and enter the vehicle’s registration number. One of three screen displays are possible:

Case 1:

Screen message:

Problem This plate is not attached to a vehicle. If the plate number is incorrect, overtype with the correct plate number and click on the Continue button. If the plate number is correct, advise owner that a plate must be attached before a WoF can be issued. This can be done at an NZTA Plate Agent.

The error message means that:

The vehicle is not currently registered (never registered, registration cancelled, or registration lapsed because the licence label has been expired for more than 12 months).


A WoF must not be issued. The vehicle should be referred to an entry inspecting organisation for entry or re-entry inspection and certification.

Case 2:

Screen message:

Plate Number: PX8961

Blue 1991 Holden Commodore

Exec Saloon Passenger CarVan

System Authorisation Number: 81-487

Inspection Date: 08/02/2006

Expires: 6 months

AVIC ID: MS62621

The screen message means that:

The vehicle is currently registered, licenced and has a current WoF.


A new WoF may be issued, or, if necessary, a duplicate WoF may be issued.

Case 3:

Screen message:

Problem This vehicle does not have a current WoF.

The error message means that:

The vehicle has a registration plate attached, but the licence label has been expired for less than 12 months, and the WoF has expired.


A WoF may be issued.

Case 4:

The vehicle is unregistered and presented for inspection operating on trade plates. The vehicle must match the description on either:

  • form 4085 or MR2A, or
  • the expired licence label.

4. Calculate the WoF expiry date as specified in clause 3.8.1.

3.7.2 LATIS

The procedures for keying inspections into LATIS are given in the LATIS users’ manual.

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