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1 May in-service and entry VIRM amendments now live

The 1 May 2017 amendment to the in-service and entry VIRMs are now live.

VIRM: In-service certification

In this amendment:

  • Allows CoF vehicle inspectors who are holders of a class 4 licence to inspect class 5 vehicles where they are not required to drive the class 5 vehicle
  • Clarification that a left hand drive vehicle cannot be a passenger service vehicle (light or heavy) - CoF only
  • What to do when the modification declaration (pre-LVV system) differs from the vehicle.
List of changes and preview pages

VIRM: Entry certification

In this amendment:

  • VIN assignment clarifications with scratchbuilt vehicles
  • Incorporation of LVV changes from December 2016
  • Clarifications around modification declarations
  • Clarification around acceptable proof of brakes rule compliance for new or used vehicles manufactured for the Australian market.

Download the Entry certification list of changes and preview pages