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VIRM: Border inspection of used imported vehicles

Amendment details

Amendment dateReasons for amendmentAmendment details
21 September 2021

A small change to the technical bulletin to clarify where, when and how certain information is to be recorded.

23 June 2021

A minor change has been made to Technical bulletin 3: Vehicles fitted with ITS Connect regarding how information about vehicles fitted with ITS-Connect is recorded.

The change is to clarify where notes are to be recorded for vehicles not fitted with ITS-connect. You should record notes in the BIO’s vehicle file, not BIS.

1 April 2021New technical bulletin that defines the process for identifying vehicles fitted with ITS Connect systems and how these vehicles need to be processed if an ITS Connect system is fitted.
26 September 2018
  • New Technical bulletin regarding Takata non-alpha airbags and the process that will be in place from 1 November 2018.
  • Technical bulletin 1 renamed Takata alpha airbag recall.
16 May 2018

Amended page and new technical bulletin regarding the process around the Takata Alpha airbag recall

3 June 2014
  • Transition from PDF to inspection portal format
  • New checksheet for outside NZ inspections
  • Updated sticker and labeling instructions
  • Updates to Border inspection system guidelines
  • Other general items.