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Amendment date Reasons for amendment Amendment details
1 November 2021This amendment aligns the VIRM with new Notices of Appointment.1 November 2021 list of changes
1 April 2021

This amendment includes:

  • an update to delegations regarding initial assessment and repairs, and how different aspects are dealt with between engineers
  • seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages updated to more closely reflect the rule
  • a rewrite of Technical bulletin 4: Heavy vehicle modifications that may affect brakes
  • rescinding technical bulletin 16 as the content has been merged into technical bulletin 4.
1 April 2021 list of changes
1 October 2020

In this amendment:

  • Clarification to chassis frame rail replacements
  • Instructions for certification plate information requirements
  • Changes in some modification requirements.
1 October 2020 list of changes
11 August 2020

This new technical bulletin gives guidance to certifiers regarding the design, analysis and certification of truck cab modifications. The bulletin includes the results of testing commissioned by Waka Kotahi demonstrating the comparative effect of various levels of modification on the integrity of the cab, and guidance on the use of FEA to determine whether a modification returns the cab to within safe tolerance of its original condition.

Technical bulletin 20: Modifications to truck cabs
13 May 2020

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has amended the VIRM to allow for some inspection and certification documents to be presented electronically. This is to assist businesses with contactless operation. The following documents will be able to be emailed:

  • LT400s, chassis ratings and professional opinions from heavy vehicle specialist certifiers, and
  • chassis ratings from Waka Kotahi.
Introduction 3-1 General duties and responsibilities
9 December 2019

This amendment incorporates the Heavy Vehicle Manufacture and Repair Code of Practice (MRCOP), currently found on the NZ Truck-trailer Manufacturer’s Federation website.

MRCOP has been developed to assist the industry in enabling a timely and affordable repair for straight forward and common repairs, reduce down-time to operators, as well as allow routine and repetitive repair and manufacturing tasks without requiring direct involvement of a heavy vehicle engineering certifier. It is designed to ensure that heavy vehicles are both safe and compliant.

In addition to MRCOP, some other smaller amendments to the VIRM have also been published.

9 December 2019 changes
2 December 2019Two small changes to align with the in-service VIRM.2 December 2019 changes
6 March 2019

These changes bring the VIRM into line with current standards and practices with welding and welding qualifications, in particular Technical bulletin 10 and the Heavy Vehicles Rule.

6 March 2019 changes
1 November  2018
Clarification that modification to the occupant protection structure of a cab require HVS certification unless those modifications are type approved
4-2 Body and cab
9 April 2018

In consultation with a key HVSC industry group, the NZ Transport Agency has been working to complete the incorporation of HVSC memos into the HVSC vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM). This has been done to centralise sources of information for your ease of access and to allow for a simpler change process going forward. This work is now complete and as of Monday 9 April 2018 all HVSC memos are rescinded and the VIRM amendment will go live.

See the list of changes for more details.

9 April 2018 list of changes
1 February 2017

Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Dimensions and Mass 2016

In November 2016, the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rule 2016 was signed, coming into effect on 1 February 2017.

The rule sets vehicle size and weight limits, and vehicle configuration requirements, with a focus on heavy vehicles.

It is intended to strike a reasonable balance between the risks that heavy vehicles present to public safety, and the efficient operation of the heavy vehicle fleet within the constraints imposed by the road network.

As a result of the new rule, there are updates to a number of sections in the VIRM.

1 February 2017 list of changes
24 May 2016Addition of Technical bulletin 15: SARN brake data. This technical bulletin replaces Memo 86.24 May 2016 list of changes