Fee changes for forms and labels

The price of Waka Kotahi forms and labels changed from 1 October 2023.  Blue Star also introduced price changes from 1 October, and these are included in the new per book price shown in the table below.


  • The previous and new charge columns show the Waka Kotahi portion of the charge only.
  • The column showing new total price per book includes Blue Star print and distribution costs.
  • The price you'll see when ordering in the Bluestar portal excludes GST (it will be added at checkout).
Product/Service Previous charge per form or label (GST incl.) New charge per form or label (GST incl.)New Waka Kotahi price per book (incl. GST, excl. print and distribution cost)New Blue Star print and distribution cost (per book, GST incl.)New total price per book (GST incl.)
In-service certifiers group – WoF (per label) $1.78 $4.16 $124.80 (book of 30) $7.82 $132.62 (book of 30)
In-service certifiers group – CoF (per label) $7.48 $4.16 $208 (book of 50) $7.73 $215.73 (book of 50)
Entry certifiers group (per form) $1.55 - $1.94 $37.29    
per LT4085N form    $1865 (book of 50) $4.70 $1869.70 (book of 50)
per LT4085U form    $1865 (book of 50) $4.35 $1869.35 (book of 50)
Specialist heavy vehicle certifiers group (per LT400 form) $5.17 $48.39 $2419.50 (book of 50) $24.54 $2444.04 (book of 50)
Repair certifiers group (per certification) $4.42 $37.82*    
per certification on LT307    $378.20 (book of 10) $17.83 $396.03 (book of 10)
per certification on LT308    $945.50 (book of 25) $54.25 $999.75 (book of 25)
Border inspector organisations (per inspection) $6.33 $9.35    
Specialist low volume certifiers group (per certification) $15.92 $38.99   
CA01 VIN approval form (per PDF download)$0.00$39.70   

What you need to do

From 1 October you’ll need to use new forms, which have minor design changes, for all inspections carried out after this date (apart from rechecks, see note below).

Order new forms and labels from Blue Star

Waka Kotahi compliance visits after 1 October will check the right forms or labels are being used.

Returning old stock

You can return all old stock (including part books) to Blue Star for a full refund by ordering a prepaid courier bag on the Blue Star portal.

Please note:

  • Check sheets aren't changing and you don't need to return them.
  • Please remove and retain used carbon copy pages of Certification and WoF/CoF books before returning part books.

Grace period for rechecks

If you inspected a vehicle before 1 October and the customer comes back for a recheck after 1 October, you can use the old label or form to complete the inspection process.

If the customer doesn't come back for a recheck within the prescribed timeframe and has to pay for a new inspection after 1 October, you'll need to use a new form.

More information

If you want to know more about why we're making these changes, visit the Waka Kotahi website.

Changes to regulatory funding, fees and charges

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