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In-service VIRM amendment effective 14 October 2013 (affects both WoF and CoF)

This VIRM amendment covers a range of general technical clarifications and changes.

The list of changes is now available:

Overview of the changes contained in this amendment
  • Clarify that in order for some heavy motorhomes to qualify for WoF, they must have been registered as motorhomes before 1/1/1992.
  • ATVs that require a WoF will get inspected under the Unclassified vehicles section.
  • Clarify new WoF/CoF expiry dates after a vehicle has been issued with a pink or green sticker or have had their WoF/CoF /temporary permit revoked.
  • Clarify vehicle inspector five year work experience (change from five years continuous to five years cumulative).
  • Clarify process for dealing with a vehicle that has its VIN or chassis number tampered with which includes completing a report form.
  • A-frames will now be allowed to be fitted to vehicles that are required to comply with frontal impact standards provided certain requirements are met.
  • Clarification on how to deal with seat covers fitted over seats with integrated airbags (this modification is allowed).
  • Clarify towing and brake requirements for trailers with a laden weight below 2000kg when presented, but that will have a laden weight of more than 2000kg when normally operated on the road (eg car/boat/horse trailers)
  • New Technical bulletin 9 for leaking/misting shock absorbers (previously in WoF news 17)
  • New Technical bulletin 10 for brake test procedures for certain brake systems on certain vehicles, starting with BMW vehicles. This bulletin may expand or become more generalised in future.
Changes affecting CoF only:
  • Side marker lamps: The VIRM is being amended to retrospectively require side marker lamps on heavy vehicles manufactured from 1/1/2006 to only have amber light to the front (pre-2006 vehicles may continue to have amber or white to the front). This is because post-2006 heavy vehicles lamps fitted to heavy vehicles manufactured from 1/1/2006 must comply with approved standards which only allow amber to the front.
  • Clarification of definition of and requirements for axle stop devices.
  • Heavy vehicle specialist certifier codes have been updated throughout the VIRM (the codes changed on 1 August 2013).
Information about further planned in-service VIRM amendments

Please note that there will be two more in-service VIRM amendments issued over the next two months as a result of legislation changes, as follows:

  • Effective from 11 November 2013, mainly covering changes relating to WoF frequency for agricultural vehicles
  • Effective 1 January 2014, mainly covering WoF frequency changes relating to vehicles other than agricultural vehicles and heavy vehicles exempt from CoF.