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Takata Alpha airbags will be a fail item in 2020

The compulsory recall of Takata Alpha airbags ends on 31 December 2019. While all vehicles are required to have been remedied by then, current indications show there are likely to be several thousand vehicles still on the road after the compulsory recall has finished.

Early in 2020, the NZ Transport Agency will ‘ban-flag’ these remaining vehicles in the LANDATA database. This action has been determined to be the most appropriate response at that point in time and is being taken after widespread media coverage about this issue and multiple attempts at contact with affected owners. We need to address the significant safety risk posed by Alpha airbags.

Campaigns on social media and via other channels will give the public advance warning of this happening, and when the ban-flags are applied the public will be informed that affected vehicles will now be stopped from getting a WoF. We’ll provide inspectors with messages they can use to explain why vehicles fail because of Alpha airbags.

While the recall is still running (from now until 31 December), we continue to ask for – and appreciate – inspectors’ help, so please keeping checking registration plates at for the following vehicles manufactured after 1990:

  • BMW
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Toyota.

If a vehicle comes up with a match, please let the owner know and give them one of the flyers that were sent out in December 2018.

If you need more flyers to give to owners of affected vehicles, or general info posters, please email – the flyer is also available on our website at if you’d like to save time and print copies yourself. (Note that the flyer should only be provided to owners whose vehicles are affected by the recall)

Remember, requirements have not changed yet – vehicles should not be failed for a WoF because of the airbag recall until you’re advised of a change in early 2020.

Example showing how vehicle comes up with a match on Rightcar
Example of flyer