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VIRM: In-service amendment 1 November 2018 preview now available

The preview packages for the 1 November 2018 VIRM: In-service certification is now available to preview before it goes live.

In this amendment

  • Clarifications around retrofitting headlamps and standards
  • Update to headlamp sections to align with the rule and other lighting sections ‘Where a headlamp comprises an array of light sources (eg LEDs) fewer than 75% of these operate’.
  • Clarification of the definition of bumper bar (including a new image)
  • Clarification around when HVS certification may be required with regard to wheelchair ramps and hoists
  • Clarification about wastegates and silenced exhaust systems
    Update to tyres sections to include further examples of fail items when tyre information is removed or concealed
  • New motorcycles section: Electric and hybrid electrical systems
  • Other Electric and hybrid electrical systems sections updated to say that specialist certification is always required for changes to the high voltage electrical system
  • New skid plate requirements.
  • New technical bulletin on the inspection of light bars.

WoF only list of changes and preview package (PDF)

WoF and CoF list of changes and preview package (PDF)

The changes go live on 1 November 2018.