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4 Technical bulletins

13 Glazing on house-trucks

Vehicle inspection requirements manual references

This bulletin gives guidance to vehicle inspectors in applying the following requirements in the VIRM: Entry certification:


This document applies to house-trucks for the purpose of determining compliance with Land Transport Rule: Glazing, Windscreen Wipe and Wash, and Mirrors 1999 (the Glazing Rule).


For this purpose, house-trucks should be considered goods vehicles of class NB or NC, depending on their gross vehicle mass (GVM).

Compliance with approved standards

House-trucks are usually modified vehicles. For example, they may consist of a cab and chassis that was manufactured in 1967, with a housing structure added to the rear in 1980. It is often difficult to determine when the modification took place. This makes it difficult to decide which date should be used to determine the applicable requirements – the year of manufacture of the original vehicle, or the year the modification was carried out.

The Glazing Rule defines year of manufacture as ‘the calendar year in which the construction of the vehicle was completed’.

The NZTA has determined that if any glazing is added or changed as part of the modification, this glazing must comply with requirements for vehicles manufactured at the time of the modification.

The vehicle owner must demonstrate when the modification was carried out.

Condition and performance

Leadlight windows fitted to a house truck are unlikely to comply with general safety requirements, which require glazing to be mechanically sound and strong.

In order to comply with general safety requirements, leadlight windows may be sandwiched between two panes of standard compliant glazing.