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Technical bulletins (general)

16 Seatbelt repair and re-webbing

Requirements for seatbelt repair

A seatbelt may only be legally repaired by the seatbelt manufacturer or their authorised agent.

There are currently no mass-manufacturers or agents repairing seatbelts in New Zealand.

Re-webbing a seatbelt is considered to be a repair.

Waka Kotahi has provided an exemption to the following companies to re-web seatbelts manufactured by other seatbelt providers:

  • APV Australia
  • Autosafe Ltd, Christchurch
  • Belt Tech NZ Ltd
  • Seatbelts NZ Ltd.

Further companies will be added to this list as they are approved.

Identifying compliant re-webbed seatbelts

To be compliant a re-webbed seatbelt must have a label with an exemption number (Figure 16-1-1) and either an exemption letter (paper copy in the vehicle) or be confirmed on the websites below.

  • For Autosafe use the 'Look Up REGO' function found on the Autosafe website
  • For Seatbelts NZ Ltd use the check vehicle function on the Seatbelts NZ Ltd website
  • For Belt Tech Ltd. enter the last six digits of the vehicle's VIN to look up the vehicle on the Belt Tech Ltd website
  • APV are not actively re-webbing seatbelts but these must also have an exemption letter.

Identifying non-compliant re-webbed seatbelts

Seatbelts that are re-webbed without an exemption from Waka Kotahi may not be accepted for a WoF or CoF.

Most non-compliant re-webbed seatbelts are done in a way to hide that they are re-webbed. The following indicators are the best way to identify a non-compliant re-webbed seatbelt:

  • incorrectly fitted hardware such as buckles on webbing that looks new
  • new webbing, or webbing that looks newer than the other seatbelts in the vehicle, with the same compliance tags as the original seat belts
  • the same identification tags as the original belts with a different stitch pattern
  • a compliance label that is different to the other seatbelts that is not from a typical manufacturer
  • no compliance labels fitted on new webbing or a new seatbelt.

If you identify a non-compliant re-webbed seatbelt, please take clear photos and report it to Waka Kotahi by emailing the details to

Getting a seatbelt re-webbed

If you are trying to help a vehicle owner to get their seatbelt re-webbed it is important that you only use an approved company. Waka Kotahi is aware that there are other companies who re-web seatbelts - this is an illegal activity. Autosafe, APV, Seatbelts NZ and Belt Tech NZ have been granted exemptions to re-web seatbelts, having been granted these exemptions under strict conditions.

Autosafe has a list of seatbelt installers on its website that is regularly updated. There are three specialist installers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and a number of other organisations that can assist with seatbelt installations. The list is available at

Sample labels

Figure 16-1-1. Sample Autosafe and Seatbelts NZ Ltd labels

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