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2 Overview of the manual

In order to inspect and certify a vehicle with a Light vehicle repair record of certification (LT308), the repair certifier must:

a) be an authorised repair certifier appointed by the NZTA under the Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance 2002 (the Rule) section 2.2

b) know the repair certifier’s responsibilities

c) identify the vehicle class according to section 3.4 of this introduction

d) identify whether the vehicle requires certification; section 3.3 of this introduction identifies the threshold for repair certification

e) establish whether the vehicle complies; section 3.5 and section 3.6 of this introduction explain how to determine the vehicle’s compliance with the requirements

f) complete the inspection documentation, LT308; section 3.7 of this introduction explains the requirements for handling and completing the form

g) collect fees; section 3.8 of this introduction lists the requirements for the repair certifier when charging and collecting fees.