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VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification update –
effective 10 April 2017

List of changes

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Change description

Technical bulletin 5: Threshold for lifting border damage flag

  • Text added to clarify that cosmetic damage from hail/vandalism is not considered structural damage, even if over multiple panels.

Technical bulletin 6: LT307 standard operating procedure

  • Added: Note: the LT307 cannot be used if the vehicles’ documentation includes the words ‘statutory’, ‘write-off’, ‘salvage’, ‘junked’ or ‘non-repairable’. An LT308 must be used for any of those cases.
  • Amended: To issue an LT307 the certifier must first determine that no structural remedial work is required to the entire vehicle.
Technical bulletin 7: Certification of vehicles written off for hail/malicous/vandalism damage
  • New bulletin.