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Technical bulletins

7 Certification of vehicles written off for hail/malicious/vandalism damage

The steps below are used when certifying a vehicle that has been written off for hail damage or malicious damage or vandalism.

  1. An LT308 (not an LT307) must be issued to certify any written off vehicle, whether it is a statutory or economic write-off
  2. If there is any evidence suggesting water ingress (broken glazing, damp carpets, hydro-locked engine, etc.) the vehicle must be treated as a water damaged vehicle.
  3. In making a determination on proceeding with the vehicle, the specialist repair certifier must be satisfied that the vehicle has only suffered cosmetic exterior hail or malicious/vandalism damage (interior/exterior) and no other damage has occurred that would affect any safety systems.
  4. Following the requirements from the VIRM, a request to remove the damage flag may be submitted if the specialist repair certifier has determined that the damage is only cosmetic or superficial and hasn’t affected the vehicle’s structure and no remedial work is necessary to enable entry certification.
  5. To promote consumer awareness of the vehicle’s history, check that the vehicle appears on the Transport Agency list for damaged and written-off vehicles. If it isn’t listed, send an email to with a copy of the PPSR to have it added to the list prior to issuing an LT308.

Page added 10 April 2017 (see amendment details).