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2 December 2019 VIRM amendment now live

The 2 December 2019 VIRM: In-service certification and VIRM: Entry certification amendments are nowlive and in effect.

VIRM: In-service certification

VIRM: Entry certification

Summary of changes

  • Headlamp overlays that reduce or distort emitted light are a fail item
  • Modern style dipped beam pattern image added
  • Clarification around LVV plates and seatbelt removal
  • Greater clarity for vehicle inspectors regarding the acceptable condition of the components in door and hinged panel retention systems
  • New visual guidance on seatbelt webbing damage
  • New compliance requirements from 27 February 2020 for parking brake assemblies
  • Other general clarifications.

Summary of changes

There are two sets of changes in this amendment: general changes and fuel consumption changes.

See the list of changes for more detail.