July 2023 amendments and updates

We've made a number of small updates and amendments recently.  They're listed below for your reference.

Any changes we make are listed on the relevant Amendments page or Minor changes & improvements register for each VIRM.

VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification

Minor changes 10 July 2023

  • Changed maximum quarantine period from 90 calendar days to 180 calendar days
  • Changed references to Repair Certifiers' Association (RCA) to the new entity, RepairCertNZ.

VIRM: In-service certification

Amendment 11 July 2023

  • Updated heavy vehicle brake test protocol and Cardan brake force tables.

Minor changes 18 July 2023

  • Updated wording on stop lights for motorcycles manufactured for the American market
  • Updated PSV demister guidance
  • Note added about transparent overlays for general vehicles and light PSVs
  • Added wheel rim options to Technical Bulletin 2
  • Added tipper model to Technical Bulletin 8.

VIRM: Entry certification

Amendment 20 July 2023

  • New makes and models added to common class MA Japanese makes manufactured outside Japan
  • Recheck timeframe updated in Re-inspection procedures
  • Updated email address and added note to definition in Valid registration indicators
  • Requirements and links to definitions added to Technical Bulletin 11
  • Export certificate sample added to reference material 22
  • Emission code added to Technical Bulletin 28.

Minor change 21 July 2023

  • Incorrect image removed from Technical Bulletin 41.
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