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New compliance requirements for parking brake come in on 27 February

New compliance requirements for parking brake come in on 27 February 2020. Technical bulletin (CoF) 9 parking brake inspection and 4085D requirements has been introduced to give guidance to vehicle inspectors on the background behind the changes and when it is appropriate to request the presentation of the 4085D Operator statement of compliance with parking brake assemblies form.

This change to the VIRM has resulted from several runaway vehicles that have led to a fatal or serious injury crash after the park brake was applied.

A park brake application valve beside the driver’s seat on many trucks, buses and motorhomes has been identified as the issue, as the valve wears out internally through dust and moisture getting in over time and causes operational problems.

If the lack of maintenance on the park brake assembly is the only item preventing the vehicle from being issued a CoF, the vehicle inspector can issue a 28-day permit to allow the operator to have the parking brake maintenance carried out and the form completed.

A vehicle must still pass a parking brake performance test, such as a roller brake test or stall test, as part of the regular CoF inspection. If it fails the performance test, the owner must address further issues with the parking brakes and also have a 4085D form completed to provide proof of maintenance.

Affected VIRM pages

Heavy vehicles 8-1: Service brake, parking brake and heavy vehicle emergency brake

TB (CoF) 9: Parking brake inspection and 4085D requirements