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VIRM update - approved seatbelt re-webbing organisations

Two new companies have been added as exempted seatbelt re-webbing organisations. Technical bulletin 16: Seatbelt repair and re-webbing has been updated to include these companies and how to identify them on re-webbed seatbelts. This is so that vehicle inspectors can easily identify seatbelts that are compliantly re-webbed and those that are not. Seatbelts that are not re-webbed by an approved repairer are likely to be unsafe.

There are now four companies exempted to re-web seatbelts:

  • APV Australia
  • Autosafe Ltd, Christchurch
  • Belt Tech NZ Ltd
  • Seatbelts NZ Ltd.

The changes are highlighted in the screenshots below.

This addition is in effect immediately. If you have any questions please email