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Heavy vehicle specialist applications

Application forms

Heavy vehicle inspecting organisation/vehicle inspector: Engineers’ application
Heavy vehicle specialist engineers are capable of producing relevant engineering designs along with overseeing the manufacture and installation of components and modifications.
Local manufacturer inspecting organisation application
A local manufacturer inspecting organisation (IO) cannot independently use the certification but provides the infrastructure to allow a local manufacturer vehicle inspector (VI) to certify vehicle components from manufacture through to installation.
Local manufacturer vehicle inspector application
A local manufacturer (VI) may certify the manufacture and installation of components using an SODC or, where appropriate, standards or pre-approved designs for the aspects that they hold the appropriate categories for.
Static roll threshold (SRT) inspecting organisation/vehicle inspector application
Static roll threshold (SRT) inspectors can certify vehicles for compliance to the dimensions and mass rule to a level attained by attending courses and passing the assessments for the 3 levels available: HVS1, HVS2 and HVS3.
Swept path certification (HVP1/HVP2) application
Applicant must be a current HVEC certifier. For HVP2 the applicant must be HVEC and HVP1.