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Rechecks under the traffic light system, and cargo barriers LVV threshold update

Rechecks under the traffic light system

With the introduction of the traffic light system (COVID-19 Protection Framework) the ‘stop clock’ process whereby the recheck period was extended for vehicles affected by level 3 or 4 restrictions is being phased out. Any remaining vehicles that have had the clock stopped under this process will have it restarted from Friday 3 December.

For further detail see the updated COVID-19 Recovery technical bulletins:

VIRM: Entry certification

VIRM: In-service certification

Cargo barrier threshold changes

Cargo Barriers are fitted inside of a vehicle to help constrain cargo and limit the risk of cargo impacting occupants in the event of a crash or rapid stop.

Recently it has come to light that there are approximately 4000 Hyundai i-Load vans with cargo barriers fitted that were not certified and that do not meet the technical requirements imposed by the thresholds as they are less than 300mm from the back of a seat that does not have a head restraint.

It is believed that the safety risk (head impact on a hard surface) can be mitigated in alternative ways to the existing threshold that will be a more suitable and economic fix for these vehicles. Removing the cargo barriers is not a suitable solution as they do provide a significant safety benefit to the vehicle occupants and removing them would likely increase the risk of injury to all vehicle occupants.

This amendment maintains occupant safety by ensuring there is no significant increase in the risk of injury due to head strike on a solid component. Safety is improved by more effectively allowing the fitment of cargo barriers which can significantly increase occupant protection from moving cargo.

General vehicles 7-7 Interior impact has been amended. Screenshots of the changes are shown below.