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VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification amendment now in effect

The a August 2020 VIRM: Light vehicle repair certification amendment is now in effect.

This amendment adds clarification to the vehicle quarantine process and adds a number of new sections to a redesigned introduction section 3, and also a new technical bulletin. These new sections focus on:

  • the repair certifiers evidence of the repair and inspection process
  • the requirements of a repair certifiers register of repairers they use
  • the requirements of maintaining profiles on repair shops
  • information to assist repair certifiers develop shop profiles, including the requirements of different categories of repair shops.
Affected pages:

3-9 Quarantine

3-10 Evidence of repair and inspection process

3-11 Repairer register

3-12 Repair shop profile

8 Definitions and abbreviaitons

Technical bulletin 8: Repairer categories, capabilities and requirements