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3 Inspection and certification process

3-9 Vehicle quarantine

A repair certifier may operate a quarantine system for vehicles which they are undertaking the repair certification of. The quarantine period can be up to a maximum of 90 calendar days and will start from the entry certifiers first inspection date as recorded on the check sheet.

The repair certifier must meet the following requirements in order to quarantine a vehicle:

  • The vehicle must not be driven or removed from the nominated quarantine site unless for the purposes of repair certification. (maximum distance allowable while in quarantine is 100km. If this mileage distance is exceeded the vehicle must be referred to the KSDP for full entry level inspection.
  • Details relating to any vehicle that is quarantined must be recorded on LANDATA in the vehicle notes screen including mileage, the dates when the vehicle entered quarantine, and the location of the quarantine.

If these requirements are not followed – the vehicle is deemed to have not entered quarantine.

Page amended 1 August 2020 (see amendment details)