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4 Complaints

The vehicle distributor must demonstrate that they have procedures for the handling of customer complaints. Complaints that relate directly to the safety of the vehicle must be investigated promptly and fully and the details recorded.

Franchise dealers must maintain an effective complaints management process in accordance with the NZTA Performance review system manual that:

1. recognises the positive value of complaints

2. encourages customers to direct any complaints about vehicle safety to the inspecting organisation in the first instance

3. gives clear and concise instructions to all customers on how to register a complaint

4. includes standards for resolution and the customer's right to appeal to the NZTA if they are dissatisfied with the proposed resolution

5. keeps records of all complaints about vehicle safety

6. acknowledges in writing all written complaints and states a proposed date of resolution

7. retains documentation of an investigation into a complaint

8. provides directions for any customer who wishes to make a complaint or appeal a decision made by an inspecting organisation, to use the NZTA freephone 0800 699 000.