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Minor changes and improvements register

VIRM: Heavy vehicle specialist certification

Date PageChange
24 August 20203-1 Duties and responsibilitiesUpdate regarding the extension of appointments
21 May 2019Technical bulletin 13: Stock crate certificationUpdated to align with VIRM: In-service certification, Technical bulletin 7: Stock crate certification
16 November 2018

Technical bulletin 4: Modification thresholds for the Heavy Vehicle Brakes Rule

An air-operated spring parking brake that has been retrofitted to a vehicle to replace a wind-on parking brake must be certified by an HVSC with the brakes category HVEK.
26 September 2018Throughout the manual

Update and addition of welding standards:

  • AS/NZS 2980:2018: Qualification of welders for fusion welding of steels – Additional requirements for Australia and New Zealand
  • AS/NZS ISO9606.1: 2017 Qualification testing of welders – Fusion Welding.
26 June 2018

Technical bulletin 6: Certification of light vehicles towing heavy trailers

Changes to clarify that Land Transport rules don’t mandate the certification of towing connection on a light vehicle, even when used to tow a heavy trailer.

12 October 2017Introduction 3-7 Record of certificationChanges to align with VIRM: In-service certification 14-1 Load anchorages
21 March 2017

4-3 Steering, suspension and axles

Rfr 22: updated speed limit to 50km/h from 30km/h to align with Land Transport Rule: Steering Systems 2001, section 2.4.
14 October 2016Technical bulletin 16: Stock crate certificationNew technical bulletin.
It is important that stock crate retention is correctly certified to the appropriate standard. This technical bulletin provides explanations of different types of stock crates (fitted to a vehicle with a GVM of 6000 kg or more) their attachments, how to identify them, and how to identify their certification.
27 October 2015Technical bulletin 14: Attributes sheet for 50MAX permitAdded link to 50MAX vehicle combination attributes sheet