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List of changes

VIRM: Entry certification amendment – effective from 28 April 2014

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Section Change description

Pre-registration and VIN

1-1 Finding vehicle records
  • Reference to the new Reference material 76 regarding the MLIT method to re-identify stolen and recovered vehicles.
2-2 Vehicle attributes definitions
  • 18 - Plug in hybrids to be treated as 05 - Electric
  • 34 - Clarifications about SGG levy
  • Figure 2-2-1. Updated to reference Reference material 78: Fuel Consumption Import Statement System
  • Table 2-2-1: ATV definition updated.
4-1 Methods for affixing a VIN
  • instructions on the application of VINS at offsites in NZ and Japan
  • Further information about etching VINs on the rear windscreen.
5-3 Completing the left-hand drive process
  • MR2A information changed
  • Link to Technical bulletin 33 added for easy access to additional Category A LHD information
  • Link to MR2A LHD information in Required documentation and registration section added.

Inspection and certification

1-1 Registering a vehicle for the first time in New Zealand
  • Table 1-1-1:
    Great Britain section clarifed;
    Australia - Manheim and Picles Auction invoices accepted as proof of legal entitlement but not proof of previous registration. There will not be a PPSR report in the BIS database for vehicles without a damage flag
  • Table 1-1-3:
    - internal link to 2.1 statement of compliance added
    - 'Used vehicles manufactured for USA market: Boss Hoss motorcycles with 1B9 VINs are an exception and not LVVs
    - Manufactured for European markets: Link to Reference material 29 for evidence of compliance with emissions to Euro 4 added
    - Vehicle manufactured outside Japan -link to 2.3 TDNs added
  • 2.1 Statement of compliance “If a statement of compliance shows a valid European Whole of Vehicle Approval number (eg 2001/116 or later) the vehicle may be accepted for all standards except exhaust emissions.”
3-2 Determining frontal impact compliance
  • Vehicles outside Japan - Class MA - "A TDN exemption" added.
3-4 Threshold for requiring repair certification
  • "Reporting" changed to "refer to a repair certifier".
4 Lighting Introduction
  • New information regarding historic and vintage vehicle identification for entry certification.
7-5 Seatbelts and seatbelt anchorages
  • Note 4 - "and to NB and NC class vehicles built to FMVSS 209" added.
8-2 Inspection specifications
  • Delphi logo added to Figure 8-2-1.
11-2 Exhaust emissions
  • Class L vehicles added to Note 4.
Technical bulletins
2 Water- or fire-damaged vehicles
  • Changes in who to notify.
16 Replacement seatbelts
  • Clarification that the bulletin only applies to vehicles that are required to comply with a frontal impact standard.
17 Seatbelt and seatbelt anchorage standards for heavy motor vehicles
  • Foton added to table.
25 Immigrants' vehicles
  • The TSDA must retain a copy of the immigrant's approval letter on the vehicle file.
28 Exhaust emissions standards compliance
  • Internal links added for useability
  • Figures 28-1-1 and 28-1-2 deleted. 28-1-3 renamed 28-1-1
  • New acceptable proof method added for vehicles from Japan
  • Acceptable proof exhaust emissions Europe - link to whole vehicle approval plate added
  • Europe - "passenger cars" changed to "light vehicles"
  • Table B: UN/ECE regulations
  • United States - CMVSS added
  • Bullet points below Table 3 - text amended for clarity.
30 Dual brake systems in overseas driving school vehicles
  • Note 1: cables and hydraulic systems added.
35 Moped entry certification (class LA, LB)
  • Note 1 - letter or email from vehicle manufacturer staing max. speed and VIN acceptable.
36 Removing border damage flag
  • MAF deleted
  • Heavy vehicles: text added to remind that an LT400 to be included to cover repairs to vehicles. 
Reference materials
25 Sample notification of dismantlement for motorcycles and mopeds (Japan)
  • "Notification of dismantlement" Japanese characters highlighted in sample copies.
35 Sample EPA plates
  • Additional sample EPA plates added.
50 Application for recognition of an immigrant's vehicle
  • Note about proof of date of purchase added
  • Justice of the Peace added as acceptable witness.
70 Sample hpi and Experion reports
  • Two aditonal samples added.
71 Examples of major structural damage and corrosion
  • New, deleted and rearranged images.
72 Examples of minor non-structural cosmetic damage
  • 72-2: new images
  • 72-4: deleted.
76 Re-identify stolen and recovered vehicles
  • Example of method used.
77 IMVIA Exhaust emissions compliance certificate
  • Sample certificate.
78 Fuel consumption import statement
  • New reference material.