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Technical bulletins

2 Takata non-alpha airbag recall

Following the compulsory Takata alpha airbag inflator recall order 2018 which came into effect on 31 May 2018, the Transport Agency is taking action to prohibit vehicles with any outstanding Takata airbag recalls from entering the New Zealand fleet.

The purpose of this technical bulletin is to outline, for Border Inspectors, the process for flagging vehicles subject to a Takata non-alpha airbag recalls and how to deal with them.

The process outlined below are the steps BIOs can take to assure they act with due diligence, best endeavors, and based upon the best information available.

Border Inspection Organisations

The Border Inspection Organisations, specifically Automotive Technologies Limited, ATJ, JEVIC, Independent Verification Systems (IVS), and NZ Biosecurity Services, as per the requirements of the Boarder Inspection VIRM, will provide data to the Transport Agency regarding open safety recalls on vehicles they inspect subject to the prerequisites below.

All reasonable efforts outlined in this process will be made to assure they provide the most accurate information. All responsibility for importing any vehicle remains with the importer.

The process

From 1 November 2018, Border Inspection Organisations are required to identify and report on vehicles they inspect (fitted with airbags) that are on the Takata airbag recall lists from the various source countries.

On finding a vehicle subject to recall for Takata airbag the vehicle is to be damage flagged with note added stating ‘Open Airbag Recall’.

Recalled Takata airbag vehicles from Japan

In Japan, vehicles subject to recalls are listed on the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) web site at the following address, Border Inspection Organisations are to check whether the recalls have been closed in Japan, if it has been closed no action needs to be taken:

Recalled Takata airbag vehicles from other countries

Vehicles from countries other than Japan will have to be checked against official sites in those countries. These include, but are not limited to:

It is important to understand that this is not a new requirement it is just enforcing the existing requirement that recalls are to be closed prior to a vehicle being imported into New Zealand.

If the vehicle is on one of the lists and conclusive evidence from the manufacturer or jurisdictional authority that the airbag recall has been completed is not available, the vehicles will be damage flagged with notes recorded stating ‘Open Airbag Recall’.

Entry certification

At entry certification if a vehicle is presented with a damage flag and notes stating ‘Open Airbag Recall’ it is not to be passed until evidence is provided from the NZ manufacturer's agent that the effected airbags have been replaced.

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