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5 Inspection premises and equipment

The HV certifier must ensure that the premises used for the inspection and certification of modifications and repairs comply with the applicable requirements in this section.

HV certifiers who do not have their own premises should make their inspections on premises as described below.

5.1 Premises and equipment specifications

The HV certifier must use an inspection area that:

a) enables a safe and thorough inspection

b) is provided with sufficient lighting to enable good visibility of the vehicle being certified and the equipment used in the inspection process

c) have available suitable, calibrated equipment for the inspection being carried out.

5.2 Compliance with statutory requirements

The HV certifier must not carry out inspections if the premises and equipment do not comply with:

  • Occupational Safety and Health requirements
  • any other relevant Acts, regulations and local bylaws, as they apply to him or his business.