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3 Inspection and certification process

3-2 Disqualification from certification

A repair certifier must not inspect a vehicle in which he or she has a financial or professional interest such as:

a) the repair certifier owns the vehicle or is paying for the repairs, or

b) the repair certifier has been the primary repairer of the vehicle, or

c) the vehicle has been repaired by a person working for the same company as the repair certifier and at the same premises, unless written permission has been obtained from the Transport Agency for each vehicle certified, or

d) the repair certifier is the designer, manufacturer, supplier, installer, purchaser, owner or maintainer of items or products used in the vehicle being certified.

A repair certifier may certify a vehicle in which he or she has a limited financial interest. The meaning of this is as follows:

a) The repair certifier may carry out minor remedial work that is directly concerned with bringing the vehicle structure within safe tolerance of the manufacturer’s specifications while the vehicle is being prepared for certification, after an initial attempt has been made to repair it by an independent party.

b) Financial interest is limited to $500 per vehicle inspected. This does not include any fees charged by the repair certifier as part of normal certification work. Applications to exceed this limit must be directed to the National Manager Vehicles.

c) A log of the remedial work and charges made must be retained and produced to an authorised Transport Agency representative on request.

A repair certifier must not inspect a vehicle if:

a) they do not hold a driver licence for that class of vehicle, and

b) they are required to drive it.