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3 Vehicle structure

3-5 Stability (Light PSV)

Vehicles must comply with the requirements relating to modification set out in the VIRM: In-service certification, section 3-2.

There are no additional requirements in respect of light PSV stability for the inspection and certification of unmodified vehicles for entry into service.

Note that the following is a guide as to the requirements for compliance of light PSVs with stability requirements of the Land Transport Rule: Passenger Service Vehicles 1999 (the PSV Rule).

A mass produced standards compliant stock model light vehicle is deemed to comply with the stability requirements in the PSV Rule, and there is usually no need for certification in respect of mass produced MA, MB, MC, MD1 and MD2 category vehicles. This approach could be used even in the case of class NA vehicles converted into MD1 or MD2.

If there is a serious doubt that the vehicle would comply, and if the vehicle inspector has reasons to believe that a conversion will prevent the vehicle from meeting requirements, he/she may require specialist certification. For example, if a class NA Ford Transit van is converted to an MD2 light bus, but the floor level is much higher than would be usual for unmodified MD2 category Ford Transits of similar passenger capacity, then the vehicle inspector may assume that the stability requirements might not be complied with. A similar situation might arise with off-roader vehicles with very narrow track and very high ground clearance.