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74 Torque wrenches

Torque wrenches are not required to undergo annual calibration. They must always be in an undamaged condition and fit for purpose.

Torque wrenches are required to be stored in a safe environment when not in use that will minimise the likelihood of damage. A damaged torque wrench must be taken out of use immediately and either sent for repair and calibration, or a new one purchased. A new torque wrench must have a calibration certificate.

Check visually for condition before use and a thorough check to be carried out every 12 months as per the procedure below.

Inspection item

Inspection Procedure


  • Inspect the square drive for any damage or rounding of edges
  • Check that the drive is secure and has no horizontal play
  • Check for damage to the inner retaining plate.


  • Check securing screws are tight
  • Ensure ratchet device is secure and locates in its intended position
  • Check for damage to the head unit and securing pin are in good condition.


  • Check all measurement markings are clear, clean and undamaged
  • Ensure the adjusting mechanism moves freely without play
  • Check for significant external damage to the shaft or spindle
  • Ensure the locking device works as designed by manufacturer.

If damage is repaired then the Torque wrench will require re-calibration.  Record the 12 monthly check in the PRS Equipment Record.

All repairs, calibrations or replacements are to be noted on the PRS Equipment record.

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