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47 Sample Annex C conditional permit

Note 1

The inspection requirements for a heavy vehicle to operate on an Annex C conditional permit are the same as an In-service CoF inspection, relevant to the vehicle class, with the exception of:

  • HVS certification (eg load anchorages, towing connections)
  • CoL details
  • Mudguards which are not required to be fitted
  • Lighting equipment that is not required to be fitted:
    • Side-facing direction indicator lamps (a warning device that indicates to the driver that a lamp has failed may also be non-functional if electrical load of ‘repeater’ is necessary for its operation)
    • Side-marker lamps
    • Registration-plate illumination lamps
    • Additional rear-reflectors if reflectors are incorporated in rear lamp unit.

All fitted lighting equipment must meet applicable requirements (however, rearward-facing equipment is not required to meet position requirements).

Note 2

For an uncertified vehicle with trade plates that isn’t to be entry certified, proof of standards compliance is not required for an Annex C to be issued.

If a partially completed (eg cab chassis) heavy vehicle is to be registered, proof of standards compliance is required.

Note 3

An overdimension vehicle, including a high-productivity motor vehicle, must obtain the relevant permit before an Annex C conditional permit can be issued.

Page amended 1 June 2019 (see amendment details).